Landscape Conservation Cooperative Network Council

The LCC Council of interagency, tribal and non-governmental representatives provides national-level coordination and support for the LCC Network.

The purpose of the LCC Council is to support the cooperative conservation and sustainable resource management efforts of the LCC Network; assist the LCC Network in achieving its goals; contribute to building a broad constituency of partners; and help sustain the LCC initiative.

LCC Council members serve as advocates for the LCC Network by reporting to governments, organizations and individuals on the status and success stories of the LCCs, and they catalyze innovative thinking and solution sharing across the LCC Network.

For more details on how the LCC Council adds value to the LCCs and LCC Network and contribute to their effectiveness and sustainability, see the LCC Council Charter.


The LCC Council consists of up to 31 participants:

  • 7 Federal agency directors
  • 3 U.S. Federally recognized Tribal participants
  • 1 Indigenous participant
  • 4 State agency directors
  • 4 Non-governmental organization (NGO) participants
  • 1 LCC participant
  • 2 "Major Partnership" participants
  • 4 International participants
  • 5 "At Large" participants

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The LCC Council meets quarterly by phone conference or in person.  The LCC Council is currently co-chaired by Tony Wasley, Director of the Nevada Department of Wildlife, and P. Lynn Scarlett, Managing Director of Public Policy with The Nature Conservancy. 

LCC Council members are selected for two- to three-years terms through an annual recruitment process. In addition to organization type, criteria such as topical focus, expertise, geography and other factors are taken into account during the nomination and review processes for these positions to foster diverse participation and leadership.

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