A radar image of Appalacia.

Sharing Data and Knowledge

Faced with numerous methods and data sources serving multiple scales and conservation goals, the Appalachian LCC funded work to deliver open-source data products and identify critical new data needs

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Two researchers testing a body of water.

Developing Decision Support Tools

North Pacific LCC-funded research on montane wetland ecosystems, published in Ecological Society of America, is now available to improve management decisions

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Cutthroat trout.

Meeting Unfilled Conservation Needs

A LCC-funded study finds warming temperatures are increasing the hybridization of native trout and could lead to the loss of the native genome in the wild

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A north atlantic plover.

Facilitating & Fostering Collaboration

A coordinated effort will guide decisions about where to conduct beach restoration, conservation and management in the face of storm impacts and sea level rise in the Hurricane Sandy region

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Latest News

LCC in the Spotlight

Pacific Islands

Palmyra Atoll National Wildlife Refuge lies within the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument and is a biodiversity hotspot for marine life and seabirds. Credit: Deanna Spooner, USFWS

The Pacific Islands Climate Change Cooperative brings together diverse stakeholders to understand and adapt to the impacts of climate change in the Pacific including Hawai‘i and the US affiliated islands in the Samoan, Mariana and Micronesian archipelagoes. Continue reading »